Quick Demonstration On How Penile Traction Extenders Work

Traction Device Demo

In this demonstration, we’re going to take a closer look how traction works and why it works. We’re going to borrow a video demo from one of the world’s leading traction devices, the JES Extender. Hopefully, at this point, you are already familiar what is a penile traction device, if you haven’t, read the article for more details. And, it’s worth knowing the clinical trials conducted on it, as well.

Based on the video, you notice that using a traction technique to correct penile curvature is similar to performing normal physical exercises, or a body building trying to bulk-up. It requires time and effort. The good news, when you continue using the traction device even if the curvature is apparently corrected, the benefit does not stop there as this time you may be able to gain some penile length making the penis longer.

And, when used along with other devices like a vacuum device particularly the hydro pumps, you’ll also be able to see good gains in penile girth, which is the thickness or diameter making the overall penile shaft size look very proportionate.