What Is A Penile Traction Device?

The word traction in orthopaedic means the act of pulling on a bone or limb (in the case of fracture) to relieve pressure or align parts in a special way during healing. You’ve read it right, traction technique utilizes the pulling force and it’s been used in the medical world for a long time particularly the orthopaedics in treating people with bone injury as part of treatment and rehabilitation. You can also check out the traction handbook if you’re interested in learn more on it.

Today, the same technique is also used in penile enhancement or elongation and curvature correction. The device used in achieving or implementing the technique is known as the traction device, but it’s better known in popularity as a penis extender, which is also widely used by men who are into penile enlargement, which works well especially when used along with other techniques like penile exercises or another device called a penile pump.

However, we’re not going to talk about it, but perhaps, if you’re interested and keen to know more about it, feel free to check the link provided. In our case here, we’re going to look more closely how traction therapy for penile curvature correction works.

One of the first traction devices used in medical and clinical trials is the FastSize traction device. It is also the one being used in the video demonstration above. Unfortunately, FastSize is not in circulation anymore. On the other hand, don’t get disappointed as there are many traction devices available today with a similar design as FastSize. Traction-Device

If you take a look at the link provided above about penis extenders, there are a few choices that are proven to be effective. Most of them have a similar design to FastSize, but some are different, yet they achieve the same purpose. Additionally, if you consult with your urologist, he or she may recommend a different brand, which is fair because different urologists have their own preference and perhaps better experience with their patients using such a traction device they recommended.

Traction Device Plus Supplementation


In addition to using the traction device, you may be prescribed by your urologist some oral medications, but mostly it’s a form of natural supplementation that helps stop the formation of plaque that is causing the curvature and even helps dissolve the plaque which is very helpful along with the use of the traction device.

Penile Exercises

As mentioned earlier, penile exercises are used for penile size enhancement purposes. However, it turned out it has more benefits for maintaining penile health including erectile dysfunction and penile curvature corrections. For instance, a penile exercise routine using different variations of jelqing and stretching can have a straightening effect. Of course, this is not something that has an immediate effect, but gradual and with consistent implementation of the exercise it can help straighten and in some cases even increase penile girth, which is a plus benefit.

One thing to consider when using penile exercises along with a traction device is to start at low intensity and short duration. It does not take a lot of time doing the exercises. In fact, with just 5 to 15 minutes a day at any time of the day you prefer. In my case, I prefer morning prior to taking cold showers, and once I’ve done doing it, I then put on the traction device.

Wearing The Traction Device

The great thing about wearing a traction device is it can be put on underneath clothing. Hence, even at work, it can be put especially for people who work in the office. You can even wear the traction device while sleeping, but in some cases especially if for those just getting started using it, it’s not advisable.

Traction devices are pretty much comfortable and not painful to wear, and perhaps it also depends on the quality of the traction device. However, for beginners and even me when I was just beginning to do it, there was some discomfort that forces me to take off the device and massage the entire penile shaft every 2 hours. Later, I found out that adjusting the traction force helped relieve the discomfort.

Hence, it’s a good idea to find the sweet spot when adjusting the traction force; not too loose or you’ll never get results, and not too tight or you’ll get discomfort. This is no magical device. Just like owning a new smartphone, the first time you have the unit, you need to read the user’s guide and do some exploration of its features. Well, it’s similar when owning other things like a traction device. With a little bit of tweaking and reading the user’s guide, you’ll be able to find the right force without discomfort and at the same time giving you the results gradually in the long-term.

The key here is not to rush because rushing and pushing yourself will simply induce injury that can delay the results as it’s necessary to hold-off using the device when there’s a pain. So, make sure there’s no pain and don’t rush. Always read the user’s guide that comes with the package.

Quick Demonstration On How Penile Traction Extenders Work

Traction Device Demo

In this demonstration, we’re going to take a closer look how traction works and why it works. We’re going to borrow a video demo from one of the world’s leading traction devices, the JES Extender. Hopefully, at this point, you are already familiar what is a penile traction device, if you haven’t, read the article for more details. And, it’s worth knowing the clinical trials conducted on it, as well.

Based on the video, you notice that using a traction technique to correct penile curvature is similar to performing normal physical exercises, or a body building trying to bulk-up. It requires time and effort. The good news, when you continue using the traction device even if the curvature is apparently corrected, the benefit does not stop there as this time you may be able to gain some penile length making the penis longer.

And, when used along with other devices like a vacuum device particularly the hydro pumps, you’ll also be able to see good gains in penile girth, which is the thickness or diameter making the overall penile shaft size look very proportionate.

Penile Traction Devices – Effectiveness Backed With Clinical Trials

Traction Devices Clinical Trials

Earlier we’ve learned what is a penile traction device, and the next question if you’re most like people who are investigating the method would be, is the device safe to use? Is it effective? And, how long would the results become apparent?

The whole concept of using a traction device, or popularly known as penis extenders in the penile enlargement arena is to achieve positive results, which is in this case, to correct penile curvature. Now, to the first question whether it is safe to use? The answer is yes, but it always depends whether the user used it appropriately. This is why reading the user’s guide of the device is vital, or if your urologist is having a demonstration on how to use it, it’s very important to pay attention and learn as much as possible, then ask questions if there are things unclear.

One of the first documented penile traction devices is FastSize, but again regretfully, this traction device is not available anymore for the public, but there are excellent options out there like SizeGenetics, which has been known to work for both penile curvature correction and size enhancement purposes.

Backed By Clinical Trials

When it comes to clinical trials, traction devices have been tested to have good results with Peyronie’s disease especially when combined with other treatments like oral and injection medications.

Many of the recent studies on the effectiveness of traction devices found it can prevent scar progression, as well as helpful in restoring penile length and girth, reducing the degree of curvature and most importantly, improve sexual function. One study found that when a traction device is used at least 3 hours day, it can provide a slight, but meaningful improvement in penile stretched length.

Another study published back in 2015 found that penis extender device is considered a minimally invasive solution that is safe, and provides satisfactory benefits and satisfaction of the patient. In a non-randomized controlled trial, researchers found the use of penile traction therapy (PTT) as an effective treatment for an acute phase of Peyronie’s disease when it comes to decreasing the degree of penile curvature, decreasing pain, and again just as the previous studies mentioned, it helps improve overall sexual function.

Note that, you have plenty of options when it comes to penile traction devices and if you consult your doctor about the condition, he or she may consider other treatment methods that can be used side-by-side with the traction device. Many of the traction device options are mentioned in this article, and although not mentioned, one of the most comprehensive penile traction system today is X4 Labs, and it has financing options, therefore, cost is not an issue if you’re willing to own and use a quality traction device.

How Long Will Take To Have An Apparent Results?

According to a researcher of the former traction device company, FastSize, it will take between 3 to 6 months for a traction therapy to take effect. Although, the longer and consistent it is used, the better the results.

Therefore, don’t rush and expect results within just a week of using the traction device. It takes time, and it’s important to take it low and slowly during the beginning. In addition, it’s also vital to find some good combination of other methods along with the traction device.

Keep in mind, when pain occurs, stop using the device and take some time to figure out why it happens. And, if pain persists, consult your urologist to make sure everything is in order and you’re on the right track. Lastly, read the manual that comes with the device and double-check the correct usage of the device.